NPC: Zeru Kehishen

Äthiopischer Innenmister


Derzeit nur Vasily persönlich bekannt


The EPRP was founded under the name Ethiopian People’s Liberation Organization (EPLO) in April 1972 in West Berlin, Germany, by exiled Ethiopian Students and with the assistance of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.2 At this first congress, a Central Committee was elected and included Desta Tadesse, Kiflu Teferra, Kiflu Tadesse, Tesfaye Debessay, Berhane Meskel Reda, Iyasu Alemayehu, and Zeru Kehishen, with the latter four elected to the EPLO Politburo and Berhane Meskel Reda elected the organization’s Secretary General.

NPC: Zeru Kehishen

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